As a doctor, I was constantly fascinated by the human being and his earthly envelope, the body. I will never stop celebrating this wonderful thinking machine that we are. In order to transmit and popularize certain medical knowledge, I have developed a series of conferences on physical and psychological health that I have been giving throughout Quebec for more than ten years. In my opinion, humour and interaction should be part of any learning, even when it is a serious subject.  

Physical Health

Whether in the areas of cardiovascular health, chronic diseases or musculoskeletal problems, my goal is to enable participants to integrate new knowledge in a pleasant context that encourages exchanges. 

Psychological health

Psychological health problems such as insomnia, anxiety disorders and mood disorders affect thousands of people each year. I want to help participants identify these issues and better manage them on a daily basis. 


How can our behaviors affect our health? Beside food and physical exercices that are treated in the Physical Health conferences, I also speak about the use of cannabis for medical or recreational purposes; or the potential health benefits of creativity? 

Please note that conferences are only in French at this moment. For further information regarding conferences, click here or go to contact page.