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Les secrets de l'Institut ( in French)

What is happening within the walls of the Institute? The Asile Saint-Michel-Archange, the Robert Giffard Hospital and the Quebec Mental Health University Institute are one and the same entity that has evolved over the years. In this book, I tell the stories of ten characters who belonged to very different periods of time and who all revealed their secrets to the Institute, in one way or another.

Inspired by true stories, each short story will illustrate a particular psychological health issue: whether it is social phobia, major depression, personality disorder, anorexia and so on. What will happen to Jean, Alice, Hachim, Pierre-Luc, and the others? Will it be possible for them to go beyond their initial situations, accept their differences and make their initial difficulties perhaps their greatest strengths?

Because of to the appendix at the end of the book, the reader, who wishes, can learn more about each of the pathologies presented in these stories.

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