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Creative approach

Dualism in artistic representation is for the artist the reflection of the elements of duality present in nature, in thought and in the human condition. Her artistic work, naturally emerges from the principles of duality. She uses geometry to represent the structured realities of thought, nature and human life. Organic forms, specially references to the human body, bear witness to the random realities of living status. For her, these two types of realities coexist in all things. The organic world, necessarily imperfect and temporal, is made up of infinitely small basic elements, close to geometric perfection. 


Colors and transparency are of paramount importance in his work. Transparency is one of her privileged means of bringing out the dualities of the real world and the visual representation. Transparency to unify images, modulate light and colors, change their qualities. Transparency questions the limit. Limits of the visible, limit of the tangible. See through, crystalline images, see up close, see from afar. 



Very attached to communication, Janick integrates more and more graphic signs directly on the canvas, even complete sentences. No wonder, she has an interest since a young age in words and writing: poems and soon novels. Most recently, sensitive to the environmental crisis, she has produced a collection of works, in accordance with her approach and her formal preferences, but using only recycled materials from her workshop: papers, fabrics, painting, pastels, etc. Polymorphic artist, over the years, Janick has created numerous works, sometimes figurative, sometimes abstract; that comes in a multitude of forms and materials: drawings, paintings, digital works, silkscreen prints, engravings, real and even virtual sculptures…  

To view my master's thesis entitled " Dualism in Representation " (in French), click here!

In her works, she brings to life, abstraction and figurative, color and transparency, the microscopic and the macroscopic, photography and painting, the real and the virtual, the pixel and the cell. The artist has been using the digital medium for 20 years in her work, because of his unrivaled assembly capabilities through transparency. When she uses it, she seeks to exploit the specificity of the medium, to make works that she could not achieve without him. This medium is the basis of the assemblage of her hybrid works (digital media and painting). It allows an extraordinary precision work in successive layers (layers). This artistic approach, by layer, recalls one of the oldest and best-known techniques of painting, used for centuries by painters from yesterday until now. Technology revisits painting. The new celebrate the old. Layer overlays. Overlays of time and space. But the past is not a guarantee of the future. It is important for the artist to continue to look for the best ways to translate her inner vision. This is a decisive condition for the creation of a work that resonates. 

Corps et dentelle.jpg

In her recent works, the artist looked at the origins, the similarities between the kingdoms. She was interested, by analogy, in the animal world, then plant and finally mineral. The continuum of life backwards. Involution. And finally, to close the loop, she was inspired by the intervention of man on the rock: petroglyphs, hieroglyphs; incorporating elements of anthropomorphism of indigenous peoples in her new shattered and colorful paintings. She invariably returns to her concerns about human life and its means of expression.

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