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Readers' comments: novel , "The genome"

I have just finished reading your book. In fact, I wanted to read the rest so much, I was so captivated, that I didn't let go for five days. So, I think it's a good novel. It advances at a frantic pace, it always keeps us going and goes from rebound to rebound. It reminded me a little of "24 Heures Chrono", and the James Bond films. It's not my usual kind of reading, but it's a real compliment to you. We can represent the scene very well each time, and that would make a good movie. There is the suspense, the humor (which is quite meritorious, in the circumstances) a certain pleasure of living (the cuisine and cocktails in Malaysia, it makes you want to go) and above all, you talk about Covid-19, but you eliminate the fear and the discomfort, they are part of a near past which gives realism, without overwhelming us with the weight of reality. I also really appreciated that there were women, and the feminized spelling is funny here: Dre. Demers, "agente Watt", "special agente Watt", I find that very funny. So, you talk about what's in the air, but without tension and culpability, and that's good.


Catherine Roger, France

Excellent ce Génome! Tu appelles Hollywood bientôt? Blockbuster été 2021! Très bon suspence! On est en haleine!

                                                                                                                                                                      Alain Turcotte, médecin, Québec

Bonjour Janick. J'ai lu votre roman qui m'a captivé jusqu'à la fin. On peut facilement en imaginer l'action. Intéressant toute l'information sur cet univers scientifique que vous avez su bien intégrer. Félicitations!           Johanne Bolduc, auteure, Saguenay

Hello Janick! Just to let you know that I finished The genome yesterday and found your book very entertaining. The pace is steady and I enjoyed the division into short chapters (ok I have time to read another one ...!). I also liked the technical side and the explanations (eg DNA-RNA, etc.). I learned many things and thought to myself that I could try Malaysian cuisine soon. I find interesting that you let yourself go in post-pandemic projections like that and certain issues that you address, such as genetic manipulation, bacteriological weapons, overpopulation are very topical. I also like that you did a chapter at the end on the facts, we see that you did a lot of research. Even if you haven't visited the place, we manage to imagine them. In short, a beautiful creation and thank you for giving me this wonderful time!

Martin Perron, Saguenay

Allo Janick! J'ai terminé ton livre hier. C'est excellent! J'aime bien les livres de suspense. Tes cours chapitres font en sorte qu'on a hâte de lire la suite. C'est très d'actualité. Je vais faire en sorte que d'autres personnes le lisent. Félicitations! J'ai déjà hâte au suivant!                                                                                                                                      Amélie Gélinas, enseignante, Trois-Rivières                                                                                                                              

I just finished "The Genome" ... I was captivated, like into a real film and my interest never wavered ... And with so much information ... Very good work, you have the flame. I stayed on a reflection of what could be the world. Well done!

Johanne Laberge, Saguenay

J'ai terminé ton livre: vraiment captivant jusqu'à la fin. J'ai adoré! Beaucoup d'imagination. J'imagine tout le travail de recherche aussi que tu as dû faire... Mille bravos!                                                                                                        Dominique Laberge, Saguenay

Bonjour Janick. J'au lu ton roman Le génome. J'ai grandement apprécié. Des rebondissements étonnants et surprenants. Tout y était pour maintenir mon intérêt à poursuivre ma lecture. J'ai également aimé l'aspect scientifique et professoral des coronavirus. Un excellent polar sur fond touristique de la Malalsie. Bravo et bonne continuité!                                            Karl Routhier, Saguenay           

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